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Albania for a cheaper European beach holiday?

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Hi everyoen, I want to organize a European beach holiday, but a lot of the obvious options (Greece, Italy, etc.) are to expensive for me. I'd heard Croatia was a good bet but even that's maybe pushing the budget a little. So I was wondering about Albania, since it borders Greece and is across from Italy it must have similar weather and nice enough beaches and probably similar good food? Has anyone been there and have any tips on where is a good place to stay for beaches in Albania? And when is the best time to go - I'd like to go in August or September, ideally. Also, is it very conservative? I seem to have an idea of Albania as quite a rural country with lots of farms; is this very outdated? Would my girlfriend be able to wear a bikini on the beach, for example, and short sundresses if it's hot?


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    maybe too late for an answer lol , but anyways....It is pretty cool to pass holidays in Albania. You would be surprised by the "modern" mentality there. Your girlfried can wear bikini for sure, there are even day parties on the beach. I mean, the economy of that country is going down, but otherwise the mentality is like that of an eastern country,, which means, NO mentality or rules.
    They are fan of sex, parties, alcohol. I enjoyed the south, Jale, Himara, and Drimades.
  • Saranda in Albania is the heart of the Albanian beauty.
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