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Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Algeria?

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I'm thinking of going to Algeria, I like to travel to less popular places that are off the beaten track. But is it very unsafe for a woman to travel there on her own? What safery issues would I have to look out for in particular, and are there any specific places I should avoid? And then I know it can get very hot and windy there at times - when is the best time to go weather-wise, when it's maybe not quite so hot?


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    I am no expert on Algeria but would also like to go there but....
    Whilst people do travel there I still have concerns about personal safety mainly brought on by the threat of the "fatwa" which is a death sentence imposed on outsiders, ie non-Muslims.
    I stronly advise you to check with your state department, foreign office or similar which your government website will have.
    Sorry I cannot be more specific but you need to know just what's going on.
    Alternatively go to and ask as that travel website is more in tune with Algeria.
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    Just to be clear: A fatwa isn't a blanket threat against all non-Muslims! It's a very extreme sentenced imposed against a person who is viewed to have blatantly blasphemed against Allah, and tends to be issued by extremist leaders.

    That said, Algeria isn't a place I would recommend for a female travelling alone. There is likely to be some danger of harassment, and you may run into difficulties so it would be safer to have a companion.
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