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Tunisia accommodation "riad"-style

edited May 2012 in - Tunisia
Hi all,

I am looking for a riad-style accommodation in Tunis (the capital), something with authentic Tunisian colors, style and feel. I have found few of the rare 'dar's (dar is similar to Morroccan riad, I suppose), but they are a bit pricey (cca 100 EUR or more), as I am going to be spending days out, and only nights in the room/apartment (single occupancy, as well). Any reasonable recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance !


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    Denny pardon for my late reply: We do not have riads in Tunisia: the architecture is very different and the best places you will find will be expensive: you should try an internet search of Sidi Bou Said which is a little out of the capitol but is very char,ing in the old Tunisian style of white wash buildings with typical blue doors and windozs
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