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Morocco Beach and weather

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Hi, I am thinking of travelling to Morocco at the end of July and possibly staying at the Riu Tikida Beach Hotel in Agadir. I wanted to know what the beach in that area is like as I know some hotels advertise having a sandy beach when in fact it is shingle and pebbles. As I will be going with my 3 children aged under 7yrs, this is quite important.

Also, I was wondering how hot it is at that time at that time.

And finally, will the sea be warm? I have heard that the atlantic ocean is always cold even in a hot country. Will it be warm enough to swim in and is it quite clean?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


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    If possible you should avoid Agadir or Morocco in general during July.
    I realise that this is during school holidays and you may not be able to go later but there are several reasons not to go.
    1. July has seen very high temperatures of 40+C
    2. Summer months are when Moroccans who work in Europe come home for the holidays so it will be very congested on the beach, expensive and hotels will be full to capacity.
    3. July and August usually has dense sea mist during mornings and can ruin a holiday. These may clear up later but are very upsetting for some people.
    September, October and November have a lot of sunshine with temperatures of around 23C or more during the day and about 6-12C in the evenings. Virtually no rain falls but when it does, get indoors fast!
    The Riu has a good reputation so you have chosen a good hotel in an excellent location. The hotel has a roped off area on the beach which is referred to as a "private beach" although is overlooked by all passers by.
    The beach is about 10Km long but half of this is inaccessible as once you reach the Royal Palace you will be stopped by police and ordered to turn back. The beach also goes all the way to the new and very smart marina and nearby is the port for inexpensive seafood lunch.
    The beach is proper sand and does not have any shingle or pebbles and is regularly maintained. The sea is good to swim in and in peak season there are life guards to help if needed. You should be very careful though as this part of the Atlantic Ocean has very strong undercurrents.
    If you need more info, get in touch: [email protected]
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