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visa's for overland journeys (thai/malay/indonesia)

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I'm traveling around SE Asia for about 7ish months end of this year, start of next and am curious about the visa lengths (cost too) for the countries I'll be going too.

I'm a British passport holder going to Bali first then heading up too Malaysia and Thailand.

I would prefer to do all this overland but the visa lengths seem to differ if I do that. Most notably when going from Malaysia to Thailand.

Can someone help me with any info. How easy it is to get visa on arrival and for how long (and at what cost) when traveling overland through Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand??

In advance, thanks!


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    Thailand recently changed its entry permit rules allowing folks coming overland a maximum 15 day stay. Folks who fly in get 30 days. From the sound of your trip, I am guessing you plan a couple of months in each destination. Your best bet would be to get a tourist visa for Thailand in the UK before you start your trip, then you are good for 60 day stay (even coming in overland).
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    You will also need to apply for the 60day Indonesian visa in the UK before you arrive in Bali as the VOA is now only good for 30days, that's not enough time to really enjoy your trip fully while riding public transport from Bali to Batam.
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