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Proof of onward flight from Thailand??

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My friend recently started working for an airline and we are trying to use her travel benefits as much as possible! We decided (somewhat at the last minute - we want to leave on April 11th) to take a trip to Thailand from the US. I have been doing some research, and if my understanding is correct, you now need PROOF of an onward flight or a return ticket.

Since she works for the airline, she flies on standby (and so do I when I'm with her). Can you fly into and out of Thailand on standby? Is there a way to prove that you have no intention of staying more than the allotted tourist time?


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    Technically you need proof of onward travel to get the 30 day entry permit, but it is rare that you see them ask to see the tickets. When I arrive I simply hand them my passport and immigration card. Show up nicely dressed and you should have no problems (I imagine you have to dress decently anyway to fly as a non-rev).

    Depending on which airline she works for, she might be able to have both of you "listed" for a flight and then print an itinerary showing the listed flights. Since most folks use eTickets these days, most any itinerary from an airline suffices as proof.

    Please be aware you are coming just before Song Kran (Thai New Year), hotels in places like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, etc can be heavily booked for the festivals.
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