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Cook Islands - Work Permit

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I would like know some site with a guide to get a Cook islands Work Permit. Also know all the medical tests i need do to get this visa. Thank´s!


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    Hey Cris, does this help at all?

    The Entry, Residence and Departure Act 1977 states that anyone other than a Cook Islands citizen or permanent resident who wishes to live and work on the Islands must first obtain a work and residence permit.

    A business or employer can apply for a work permit on behalf of an expatriate employee. As a rule, a permit is issued for a year, and is renewable on application by the employer. The work permit is tied to the applicant's employer and is not transferable to another employment.

    For those seeking a 3-year work permit or short-term work permit (including journalists, photographers and television crew), permission should be sought through the following contact:

    Mr. Tutai Toru
    Principal Immigration Officer
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration
    PO Box 105
    Avarua, Rarotonga
    Telephone: (682) 29-347
    Facsimile: (682) 21-247
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    Thanks for that information David..
    My wife is a nurse, although Europeans, we have all NZ residencies, one of my sons a NZ citizen. Would you happen to know if this makes moving to the cooks any easier.
    Its hard to find much information on moving to the cooks TBH. We might end up having to got there and knock on a few doors.

    Regards Bob
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    Hi, I am a pakistani national can I apply for a residence visa of cook islands for me and my family of four I love this place and I wish stay there for a long period please reply
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    Hi I am wondering if any could tell me what medical examinations I require for a Cook Island permit or is it the same as New Zealand requirements?
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    I'm a Nigerian, i would love to travel to cook island on visit. i have tried all means to get the location of Cook's Embassy here in Nigeria, and all effort proves abortive. Could you please tell how to go about getting the visa easily?
    i await your urgent response. thanks so much.............

    Michael Campbell.Lagos-Nigeria.
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    I’m Irish seeking seeking to live and work on the cook islands, How to I apply for the appropriate Visa?
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    Hi, I am from BANGLADESH.
    Can I apply for a residence visa of cook islands for me,my wife and my three son. I love this place and I wish stay there for a long time.
    Plz tell me how can i get the visa.
    Tq M.K.Nazmul Hasan
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    I'm from PNG & would like to work in Cooks Islands in the Welfare Sector; how do I obtain a visa for a family of 5 (2 Adults & 3 Children)
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    pls dear readers am planning on moving to cook island. am a nigerian staying in Lagos Nigeria. pls someone tell me how to achieve this successfully. my contacts are [email protected] +2348168651240
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    Hi, I am from INDIA.
    Can I apply for a residence visa of cook islands for me & my wife and my one son. I love this place and I wish stay there for a long time.
    Plz tell me how can i get the visa.
    Amanpreet e-mail I.D. is ( [email protected] )
    i'm stay two year in LONDON, i did cook job in food factory there.
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    Please I will like to know if there are job opportunities in cook island because am planning to relocate there soon from Sierra Leone.
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    Hi, I am a pakistani national can I apply for a residence visa of cook islands for me and my family
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    Hi, I am a Medical Doctor. I would like to apply for a job in Cook Islands at clinics or hospitals. Where I must apply? Also for private work : can I estabilish a clinic (medical office) for myself. I have worked 14 years in Asia  and South Africa as a PMO. Thank you.   
  • hello moosa2727, i just saw this site and your message from 2013,,any information for working in the cook islands as a Medical doctor
  • @BarcoEK
    This is a very old thread you would have been better starting a new one, as @moosa2727 has not been active since 2013.
  • Hello dear I am from Pakistan I want to know about cook island visa I read online Pakistani passport without visa enter cook island is that true ?? Please let me know waiting your answer
  • what the legal way to get work permit there ? Have any space for Pakistani passport I have many professionals
  • That's my email [email protected] I want to be there so.please guide me it's possible if I am visit and during my visit I am looking jobs? Please tell me what the legal way
  • @loverboy1, as a tourist you should be granted 31 days of stay upon arrival in the Cook Islands visa-free (your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond period of intended stay in the country). If you wish to stay longer you can extend your stay as a tourist up till a maximum of six months. To gain entry as a tourist you are expected to be able to show proof of sufficient funds for your stay and evidence of when you will be leaving/onward journey/next destination. This might be a problem for you if you are planning to try to stay in the country.

    I'm afraid I can't advise about work permits or residency - perhaps somebody else will know.
  • Thanks for reply Ella no worried I also not follow illegal way I just ask what the way to get work visa it's possible if I am there as tourist visa and during my stay tourist I got job offer and my status change and become a work permit? my wife Russian so both of us 31 day visa free and legally we stay there she have Russian passport let me know please thanks
  • Another question if I am flying Pakistan to cook island what airport I chose it's AKL NZ airport ?? What airport I am choosing for arrival in cook island??
  • @loverboy1
    The main airport in the Cook Islands is called Rarotonga International AirportIATA code RAR

    Most flights go via Auckland Airport New Zealand and both you and your wife will need transit visas from the New Zealand government to pass through the airport on your way to the Cook Islands

    Look here for more information:-
    As for your change of status if you are given a job offer, this is down to your employer and the Cook Island Ministry that processes work permits.
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    Hi even I am applying for a Job offer in tourism sector of cook islands. I have work experience as a tour operator . I worked with a company in Rajasthan tourism sector.

    So will my experience count?
  • Really hard to say @EdPaschke. Of course experience is always a good start for getting a job but only prospective employers can judge whether you have the necessary skills to work for them. If you do successfully get a job in the Cook Islands it would be really great if you could pop back onto this thread and offer some advice on the process to others. Good luck!
  • @EdPaschke
    No one on this forum can give you an answer, we dont live in the Cook Islands and we have no idea what are the requirements for jobs in tourism or any other category.
  • Dear sir, iam suraj fron nepal, i have near about 7 year experience in staff nursing.iam very pleased to get visa with my family.i want to migrate there at there any way to get visa for nurse. looking for your positive ans as soon as possiable. thank you and regards suraj
  • @suraj, scroll up this thread to see good advice from Alethia and David on this subject. It is best to get a job first as your employer will then apply for a work permit on your behalf. We can't say whether you will be able to get a job or not though. If you don't find the answers you need here, you could try this forum, which specialises in relocation and expat issues:
  • @suraj

    I really do not understand this fascination you and others have for the Cook Islands the population of the Cook Isalnds is approximately 15,000. This is a tiny group of islands in the Pacific ocean some uninhabited. The capital Avarua has a population of approximately 5,000 and Raratonga has an approximate population of 10,000

    The Cook Islands revenue is from tourism and off shore banking.

    A Nepalese nursing certificate maynot be recognised in the Cook Islands and you would have to be accredited by the Cook Island Nursing Council who are supported by Auckland University (Australia) and funded by New Zealand Aid. Until recently Cook Island nurses were trained in either Australia or New Zealand.

    If you think that working in the Cook Islands will get you to New Zealand your wrong. the Cook Islands are self governing.
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