Single woman travelling to Saudi Arabia and UAE - regulations?



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    i am interestd in getting more info about single women( european ), living and working in the KSA. Is it a good experience for a single women to get a job as a teacher in the KSA?
    i would apppreciate any valuable information
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    Hey everyone...i live in riyadh, ofcoz femalez under 40 yrs cannot travel unaccompanied, they can do if they are invited for business purpose. Since m in tourism field, we use to assist some of our friends in the same field to come for the sales trip and not otherwise becoz u cud face a great deal of difficulty in Airport and said by a user before trapped in the airport and unable to u dont have a visa, dont even think abt it. In the meantime, new arrivals needs to do give the finger print and take picture that will be recorded in the immigration.

    And it is also not possible to go out for shopping unaccompanied...U need any further me on my yahoo add
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    Is it illegal to spend time with any girl in the same room in a Hotel in saudi arabia
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    i would also like to travel to riyadh but i need advice can anyone help me i am a married woman 28 years old but i am seperated and wish to travel alone my email is for anyone with information that can advise me or i might go to dubai and what about the way men are over there they seem to be a passionate people then change suddenly are they out only for their own benefits and then walk away
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    Hi i want to know that my sister in law wants to visit me in dubai with her kids from Saudi arab (Al Khuber) can she travel alone with her kids. Can any body help me on this
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    Hello Fahad I was over in dubai last year and i did not have a problem travelling around Dubai i walked a lot to shopping centers and did not have to be accompanied by a man and i did not have a problem i found the people friendly and helpful
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    Hello Everyone

    I am married Indian woman, 27 yrs old and will probably be traveling Riyadh in next month for business purpose. Can you tell me if it's possible to get business VISA for women traveling there alone. Will I face any difficulty if I travel alone from hotel to office?

    Thanks in advance...
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    my mother and I are planning a trip to KSA with a tour group.
    However the tour ends in Jeddah and we intend to continue our travel to Istanbul.
    we'll probably separate with the group at Jeddah, though I worry since we're women are we allowed to exit the KSA without a sponsor/permission? or does that regulation only applies to residence of the KSA?
    any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    hello, my newly boyfriend will be traveling to riyadh for a job assignment and i am very worry for him. How safe will it be for me to visit him, with the required paper work\. Please advised, will there be any problems for him to leave when he wants?
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    I Have been invited by a member of the SA Royal family to go and work as a nanny, am over 40 and female. Does it mean am locked in the house all the time? because I am not allowed to go out on my own. What about shopping and internet? How is it to live with an SA family?
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    I am a single woman flying to Saudi Arabia alone. A close relative (male) will be waiting for me at the airport. Will I be allowed in? I have a visa and everything. Thank you
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    Hi All-

    Just to clarify. Saudi Arabia does NOT issue tourist visas - regardless of whether you're man, woman, leopard or oompa loompa. In recent years leniency has been extended to pre-organised tour groups. These require considerable planning and are nearly always facilitated by a business within the KSA. If you are a woman and have sponsorship - from either your family (meaning your husband in KSA) or from an employer, then you can travel to Saudi Arabia alone. The male sponsor (either employer or husband) must meet you at the airport and all your documentation must be in order - meaning visas must be granted.

    Do not depart your country if you have merely been offered an invite.

    If your boyfriend, or lover or the person you've been stalking for the last ten years is moving to Saudi Arabia then your best bet is to meet them in the UAE or in Bahrain for a holiday. Bahrain is a hop, skip and a jump across the Saudi Causeway and the UAE just slightly further. Visit visas are granted regularly for these destinations and bars, clubs, movie theatres and yes, EVEN alchohol, still do exist. Unless you are married, you will not be able to see this person in Saudi Arabia until they return. Co-habitation between a man and a woman is illegal in Saudi unless you are married or family.
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    Hello, I am a married women. I traveled from the USA to SA with my three year old son and not other male three months ago. I had no problem at the airport as I had my visa stamps in our passports.
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    Oh and I go out to the malls by myself all the time.
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    im working here in jeddah and i have iqama already, i have a friend who is inviting me to go to riyadh, is it possible for me to go there without any trouble facing the immigration or custom at riyadh airport?
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    Hi, I am single women, and i have a relative living in SA, do you think i will get the visa easily ??
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    Hi Stephaniek, thank you for the good info. I just wanted to clarify something. Could I be engaged to my partner rather than married? If it is married i.e. do you need a marriage certificate? What do Saudi customs check when you come in to the country? Does the passport have to be in the same name? Or could it be just local country identification i.e. drivers licence in the same name? Thanks
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    Just to clarify what was mentioned about KSA that there are many Prostitutions from Eastern Europe....etc. Prostitutions that they talked about are only in Dubai (an Emirate that is part of UAE) not KSA or RIyadh. KSA is another country that is so strict. Sure there are flirty girls in every country including KSA but not publically prostitues.

    I have been living in KSA since birth and I never heard or seen such Eastern European prostitutions in KSA.
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    Bandar, Assalumu Aleikum, I am a muslim mother of four children. I am of hispanic origin, and reside in the USA. My children whom are all under the age of 10 will be traveling with me to Reyad this fall (Sept 2011). My intensions for this trip is so that we can further learn the language as well as further our religious studies. We plan to stay there for 2-3 yrs. What are my expectations to this idea? Do you think this is even possible to do?
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am dying to go to Saudi Arabia, I am a female under 40....
    I read couple of comments that they got visas and are traveling to KSA... can you please tell me how I can get this visa, my husband is a saudi, we have not applied for visa since he wants to move out of KSA.
    I really want to go for visit, is there an organization that I can even buy the visa, pay for it ... or something!
    I hear lot of female traveling to KSA, why cant I ?!
    please help me out!
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    i am working in riyadh, ksa
    and yes, prostitutes are moving like undergrounds here
    not only foriegner, even locals esp. the teens
    last two weeks i got a case in ER
    he is crying on his micturation(passing urine)
    urine analysis reveals highly loaded of pus
    from history, this 22 y.o boy says they have
    mobile numbers to call for sexual services
    arrange a pick up and since both are locals,
    nobody would ask questions
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    Just bad form to comment on patient details, no matter what. Voyeurism needs to be sucked up and spat out in a forum of people who are interested in relative information which may assist them with their travel and lives. We are not stupid or ignorant to think prostitution doesn't happen everywhere, but really... is it relevant to all the other questions I have been reading. Totally admire your dry sense of humour Stephaniek, dead funny and very accurate. If you manage to get back in the forum I would like to check on a few things, maybe some else might be able to help also. I'm a little curious about this comment with women under forty traveling. Does it mean there are different rules for women over forty? Also, what about trips to say Jeddah for a business conference. Would there be too many difficulties for a woman to do that solo and can she have a few more days added to see some sights or even queeze in a quicky wedding, if you know what I mean. Cheers
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    i m a single woman journalist but not working right now.want to go to dubai on visit visa to dubai i dont have any bllod relatives dere my fiancee is working there but he doesnt have the salary of 4000 dhms.can i get emigration cleared. if i go through travel agent.where my fiancee can get some help in this matter in sharjah or dubai pls somebody help.
    pls reply
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    I had been offered a position of lecturer in Al-Jouf University, skaka, KSA. I would be travelling alone to saudi arab next month. I want to ask single unmarried women living there , are girls allowed to shop alone and travel alon if they have working visa. Is it safe for a female to work and there. thanks
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    I have worked to jeddah as a private caregiver, i did not travelled far alone going to the malls... but for single woman-- you can walk alone in the mall. My situation before was I can go out of the house alone and go to the nearest small stores and restaurant and always take home/take out orders... i had no problems buying but there are SOME "men" who are really lustic... they will leave their phone numbers written on a piece of paper, they will try to touch you, they will try to kiss you... this happened to me... just be alert walking out in the streets... and make sure to always walk to streets and not to dark alleys not acessable by people or cars so anyone can see you... just be alert and do not get too close to men... also applies to taxi's, never go alone you must be accompanied by kids and never sit in front if you are alone... you must have strong voice and say laillah-illalah. I am not a muslim, and I thank Allah I was not abused there, it is the strong decision/will for the ladies to say NO to such many malicious acts. Never look them in the eye... have a strong voice and say your reasons.
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    i read all comments here i have been here in riyadh for 4 years ,single male .i must say it's very diffecult for a single woman to be here she will need permission for every thing even for shopping ,she need a relative person ,no social life here except living in a forgen compound
    for visa i think it's only for work or business ,or groub tour
    i hate this country but i it is my work place
    i hope something change
    i hope also i can help anybody to change the routeen
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    I'm a Saudi, and most of the things written here are wrong. The female here and also foreign males can go anywhere specially malls/beach & where ever. But, in some situations there are places for men only and others for women only. For example, we have health club for men and separate section/branch for women. Also we have some malls for female only. There are no bars & nightclubs. Prostitutes are illegal and you'll never find women for that.

    for more info regarding my country Saudi Arabia; feel free to contact me at
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    @Muhannad Thanks for the info, but do you really believe there's zero prostitution in Saudi Arabia? That's a hard statement to believe.
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    salam o alaikum
    first of all i would send my reguards to the people who have real experience and have gone through what they r saying
    i m frm pakistan but i m born here in riyadh and also i never went to pakistan ....... most of the things i read here r true but some things the people written here never heard of it and r point less
    lets talk about the visa first.....visit visas r issued to personals with the high jobs like doctors and engeneers or businessmen ....they can send visit visa to any of their relatives or even friends
    now lets talk about free women firstly the married women never faces problems
    if the women have legal documents or iqama then also no prob
    if u r alone and u know a real big business man or some one from royal family any thing is possible
    adding also travelling in ksa alone 2 but to enter ksa with the legal documentations and stuff
    women r free to go t shopping or any where they want to go with drivers or by taxi
    men here not only Saudis but also foreigners r so desperate (including me) that if u show them Ur leg they want u all but only if u let them to ( can't say any thing about rapists and maniacs ) or they do nothing because they r Muslims and they fear Allah or hay fear law of ksa bxs if u r caught in this kind of stuff and u don't have source ( powerful Saudi) etc then u may b dead both the man and girl of for only man jail for life or they make Ur ( ahem ahem ) useless for life
    now the prostitution.hmmm i personally never met one but they exist under ground .... it is said that if u find something really bad u will find it .... also the Saudis and foreigners go to Bahrain and jeddah if they want to get laid
    the s** with out marriage is forbidden in Islam but unfortunately the Muslims do that ( well that's their business with God)
    any how if is there any thing else i can help you guys it would be my honor
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