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passport with less than 6 months validity

Hi I am a filipino citizen working in Singapore, my passports validity is on 02 December 2012, I was allowed to have a 7 days leave, so I decided to go back home and spend time with my family and it will be this end of June, apparently my employment pass is due until September 2012, Will there be a possibility for me to travel from Singapore to Philippines and be back to Singapore with my passport validity with less than 6 months.

Before I book my ticket, I just want to make sure



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    You can travel from Singapore to Philippines even on a passport with less then 6 months validity.
    The real problem is when u try to fly back from Philippines to Singapore, u wont be allowed to fly.
    Is it possible for u to apply for a passport in Philippines when u reach there?
    Your home country should be able to facilitate a passport within a week i guess, No?
    All the best
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    Hi im planing to go over to singapore for 6 days . But i have nz passport. Do i need visa to enter the country, if so what are the requirements do i need ? pleas help.
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    Hi Whitney,

    New Zealand passport holders do not require a visa for travel to Singapore for a stay of up to 30 days. Extensions are possible for a fee of S$40. A passport valid for six months after intended travel is required. Passport holders with an APEC business travel card endorsed for travel in Singapore may stay up to 90 days.

    Copied from this website.
  • hi, may i know how to calcature the passport expired date? Example: if my passport expired on 25 march 2014. Means i still can flight before 25 september 2013?
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