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One day sight seeing from Colombo to Kandy and Pinnewala

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How far is Kandy from Colombo and is it possible to cover Kandy and Pinnewala in one day?


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    Yes you can cover both places in 1 day without a problem. First you should visit Pinnawala & then Kandy. Drive from colombo to Kandy will take just 2 1/2 hours. Be in Pinnawala by around 9 in the morning. You can also see how the bath. Enjoy your stay!
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    Just make sure that you have lots of medicines. There are many serious water and insect borne diseases waiting to attack you in Sri Lanka. It is good policy to have good funeral insurance which includes shipping of your remains back to your own country.
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    Hahaha.... oh wow that last comment made me laugh!

    Visit Sri Lanka - a 'must see' before you die!.... literally!

    A very pessimistic travel tip!
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    Hilarious ....shipping your remains back to your own country....they only asked how far it was from kandy to Colombo!!!
    ....but yep always get full travel insurance wherever you go...
    I survived 6 weeks in Sri Lanka in 2000 and did not come home in a coffin or get sick in anyway....whenever you leave home and head to somewhere tropical there are different health risks and things to consider than when you are at home, so it's good to be up to date with any jabs, take an emergency travel first aid kit and take a good guide book and do some research and of course take some care to avoid mosquitos, stray dogs and all the rest of it. I always bring my own mosquito net and then I sleep more easily as you are then protected somewhat from spiders and cockroaches and gecko droppings too (not nice if you sleep with your mouth open) and any insect life!!! I have done a lot of travelling and apart from getting hospitalised in South America I think I have been more sick in the UK than elsewhere in the I'll continue to take my chances and see some more of the world.
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