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Places to visit in turkey

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Can any one suggest places to visit in turkey( 7-8 days) stay and which other country can we go in along with turkey.

what is the currency ? Euro or lira? what about Travellers Cheques?

and howz the weather in early July?


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    If you have only 7-8 days,you are not able to see all Turkey but you can still see some of the best sites and places.
    I would start with ?stanbul for 2 days then fly to ?zmir to see the Ephesus ancient city.(The largest ancient site in Turkey)

    If you are planning to do a land tour,start from ?stanbul and drive along the Aegean Coast of Turkey.The best tour pland would be: ?stanbul,Troy,Pergamon,Ephesus,Pamukkale,Aphrodisias,?zmir (return flight to ?stanbul)
    You can visit the beautiful Aegean Coast of Turkey in 8 days.
    If you need a private 8 days Turkey tour,I can hep you to plan it.
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    The local currency is the Turkish Lira. Travellers cheques can be a nightmare to exchange - not all places accept them and you need to find a bank and generally a commission charge is applied.

    A lot of resorts in the south west are a short ferry trip from a Greek island. Bodrum is very close to Kos and Marmaris to Rhodes so may be worth considering as a 2 centre break.

    From Bodrum you could rent a car and drive up to Ephesus (easily achieved in a day) or buy a day trip locally.

    ?t is heating up nicely now and by July expect temperatures around 30degC and upwards.
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    faisal yes i can make it your program including see all turkey so would you please send me more information about your trip at [email protected] and my agent there will make everything for you

    waiting your soon reply and note would you send me ur mail plz
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