Clothing Etiquette- Ethiopia

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I was wondering if anyone had specifics on clothing etiquette for Ethiopia. I am a teenage girl and there has been sparse information for my age group.

Specific questions:
1- Is it polite or just weird (as a tourist) to cover your head in a church?
2- How long should girls' pants or skirts be?
3- Is there any type of shoe that is unacceptable or impractical? (Obviously not high heels or anything, but...)
4- Must I have my shoulders covered or anything like that?

Thank you very much! :)


  • Hi Kastahi
    To answer all you questions...
    no need to cover your head in side the church,normal way of dressing is acceptable,you can wear any type of shoe provided it is comfortable for you  no dressing code very cultured and friendly peoples.
    for any further info you can contact me
  • no way it is Ethiopia and to be honest with you you cant inter in the church with your shoe for further info please email me
    local guide

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