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Melbourne time to visit

edited June 2012 in Australasia
I'm going on holiday in Australia and want to visit Melbourne and was wondering when is the best time to go weather-wise? I don't like heat and don't want to go for beach weather but also think that rain probably isn't good if i want to do sightseeing and exploring; is there a cooler not too rainy season? What is the best time to visit Melbourne?


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    Sure Australia is best for tourist because it has many top attractions. Melbourne is also best and famous for attractions and beaches. July-August and Oct-Nov is peak time for Melbourne.
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    Australia, when it comes to my mind I get very excited as the place is full of beautiful destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane , Cairns etc . Melbourne is a beautiful city which is Known as the city of “four seasons in a day” . The best time to visit this City is Oct - Dec. Just go and enjoy !!!
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