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PASSPORT expiry for Australia

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Hi I have a NZ passport which expires January 2013, I will be travelling to Australia in late August 2012. Because I will have less than 6 months left before my passport expires will I need to renew it before travelling to Australia.


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    nope, australia only requires your passport to be current for the intended dates you travel, entering and exiting the country. Search australia high commission, it will tell you there also.
  • Passports

    Your current passport should be up to date and have plenty of pages left for stamps and other visas (especially if you are on a world tour or continuing on elsewhere after Australia).

    Keeping it in a safe location is obviously important, one worthy investment is a money belt, not just for your passport but all your valuable items (see section Concealable Money Belt).

    A scanned copy of your current passport can be helpful too. If you ever have to get a replacement, the details of your passport will be required by the consulate for them to issue a new one (more in a moment).

    Keep your passport up to date!

    This is important, one of the requirements the Australian government makes clear is that your passport has to be valid throughout the entire time you are in their country. That is, your passport has to still be valid after your visa has expired and/or you have physically left the country.

    A lot of people will be going on to other countries after Australia, so make sure your passport will be valid for the entire duration of your trip including an extra period of 12 months before your passport needs to be renewed.

    It should be mentioned here that some other countries around the world also require you to have a certain amount of time left before your passport expires to allow entry into the country.

    Remember! Even if you are allowed access and can renew your passport when you get there, getting a replacement in a foreign country can be time consuming and costly.

    Scan your passport before you go

    It's worth scanning your passport and saving a copy to be left with your Appointed Person before you go. If you do loose your passport on your travels you can get a copy of this scan forwarded to you so you have all the information (contained in the passport) which you will need for the consulate to process a new one.

    When you scan your passport, the most important page is the one with your photo on it because this is where all the reference details are as well. If your visa is a stamp or sticker in your passport make sure you get a copy of that at the same time.

    What if my passport is lost or stolen?

    First of all think back to the last time you had it and ask everyone in the immediate area where you think you lost it (or it was last seen) for any clues, somebody might have seen something.

    If you are staying in a hostel, or were in a shop etc... ask the people in charge if anything has been handed into them. If you have just reached a new destination (and think you may have lost it getting to your current location) contact the people in the place you were last, this includes any transport services you may have used along the way.

    Remember! It's always good practice to check all your belongings before you make a journey and after you have arrived. Your passport is not the only thing that can go missing, with it could be your bank cards, cash and other valuables. For some preparation ideas on how to sustain yourself during a crisis and some tips on how protect your assets, see section Contingency Funds.

    If all else fails and you still can't find your passport it's time to call the police and notify them of the situation. Don't waste any time in doing this, it's ideal to contact the authorities on the same day as it happens.

    When you do, make sure you take all the contact details of the person dealing with the case. It's advisable to get the police station name and location, the name and direct contact number of the officer in charge and everything else that may be relevant/helpful in the future.

    If you have reason to believe that your passport has been stolen make sure they know about it, be very polite but insist that the officer gives you a crime number to support your case.

    A crime number is essential to getting a replacement passport and making an insurance claim. It's a numerical reference which the police allocate to each crime that is reported. This number enables them (and you) to keep track of the case and you will need it to support your claim.

    Remember! Your new passport still has to be paid for and they are not cheap, so do as much as you can to backup your claim so it is covered by the insurance and not from your own pocket.

    How do I get a replacement passport?

    To get a replacement passport you will need to contact your consulate. A consulate is an office or department of representatives for foreign governments who provide assistance to their countrymen while abroad.

    There are usually a number of consulates in each host country (in this case Australia) and you may have to pay them a visit as a part of the process. For this reason you will need to find the closest office to your location (more in a moment).

    The actual process of getting a replacement passport will require you to download or collect some forms to be filled in and returned along with some documented ID. You may also have to get counter signatures from somebody who has known you for a certain amount of years (to verify your identity), take 2 photographs of yourself (of specified dimensions) and attend an interview.

    Of course it's possible that the process will vary depending which country you are from, however you can find everything you need on your consulate website or by contacting them at one of their offices.

    In terms of cost, a replacement passport is not cheap and you may require your Appointed Person to make the payment for you. If you are making an insurance claim, chances are you will have to pick up the bill yourself and wait for the insurance company to issue a refund later on. Time wise, as long as the application is successful it should arrive within weeks but if there are any holdups you could be waiting a lot longer.

    Finding a consulate

    You can find a full list of all consulates in Australia at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website this one link has every single office in the country.

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