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travel restrictions following drugs conviction

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I was recently convicted for the possession of a miniscule amount of a class A drugs. while I know this means I am restricted from traveling to some (or maybe not), I am finding it impossible to find out which ones. I only received a fine and no jail time. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.


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    Hi AzzaAzza,

    There's no way to give you a list of countries you can and cannot travel to. If there is a specific country you're interested in visiting someone may be able to give you advice, although they would also need to know what passport you're carrying.
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    Hi, I was convicted a couple years ago for Providing a pre cursor for manufacture of drugs, i am wanting to know if i can still get into australia from new zealand for a 2 week holiday?
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    Hi Shay,

    It depends on the severity of your sentence. From what I've heard, it's almost impossible to get into Australia if you've served more than 1 year in prison. The best you can do is be very forthcoming about your criminal record when you apply for your visa, and bring along evidence to show that you're now a good standing member of society and gainfully employed in your home country.
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