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Is it safe to travel to Greece?

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Hello, we are looking at booking a holiday to Greece this summer, probably going to Corfu, but I am worried about the safety in Greece due to the political problems there and the riots and demonstrations. Is this affecting tourist travel? Is it still safe to travel to Greece?


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    Hi Jason, where are you from, are you American?! No it will not be a problem going to Greece (unless you are perhaps German!). It will be perfectly safe, particularly on the islands such as Corfu. The greeks are always incredibly hospitable and welcoming and at the moment that they will delighted to see you and your business. Around 2 million Brits visit the country each year and very few have problems. If you are going to Athens you may see some demonstrations, but they are usually peaceful
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    PS, you could look at the Greece Safety and Travel information on for more info.
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    Hi, I am thinking of going to Greece in December. Understand that the weather is not ideal. Could someone tell me how bad can it gets? Any possibility to go Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini? Advice Appreciated.
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    Of course it is safe to travel to Greece, it has always been and always will. Greek peopleare warm hearted and incredibly welcoming as a culture, the riots are a pure result of their passion for their country and rights. Greek people may have a temper but they stand what they believe for. An amazing country with an amazing culture.
    Cant wait to go back.
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    To ensure safety, you need to:
    - Register in STEP (Safe Traveler Enrollment Program), so that they will know where you are and can more easily assist you, if need be.
    - You must logged in to Embassy Webpage, where you can find information about everything from strikes and demonstrations to doctors and lawyers or getting married in Greece!
    Good luck to you!

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