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Barbados honeymoon

edited June 2012 in - Barbados
My fiance and I are thinking of going to Barbados for our honeymoon, we just stumbled on some pics and they looked beautiful. We're keen for soem days of just lying on the beach and tanning, but we are also pretty active and would luike to include some activities as well. are there surf schools, since I've heard that there are some good waves o the island? And what kinds of other activities would be good to do on Barbados - are there any good hikes, that kind of thing?


  • Yeah its a good decision to enjoy your honeymoon in Barbados.Its a very lovely place for the couples.I like it also.My uncle also was going to Barbados with my aunt on their honeymoon.There are many attractions in Barbados which attract the people from all over the world to visit this lovely place.The attractions like Miami Beach,Animal Flower Cave,Bottom Bay,Andromeda Gardens etc are really very amazing to see.
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