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Bruges sights and things to do

I'm going to be in Bruges for a few days in September; does anyone have recommendations on places to go and things to do? I know it's a small country - are any of the other bigger cities like Brussels or Ghent or something close enough to do a day trip, that are definitely also good places to visit? I'm not too interested in history or science museums, so would prefer to avoid that kind of thing.


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    You're not interested in history or science, but what about chocolate? Belgium is famous for its chocolate, and Bruges has an excellent attraction in the Choco-Story Museum, where you can learn about how it's made, and of course try a few samples:-)
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    Go for the balloon flight! It is a magical experience that you should do at least once in your life.
    After that be sure to visit Gent, it is only 30' from Bruges and an easy going city. Many students, pubs, chill...
    Enjoy your trip!
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