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Things to do in Bermuda (not golf)

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I'm joining my husband on golfing trip to Bermuda; he has a very full itinerary of golfing planned, so every day of the one-week trip is full for him. I'm happy to spend most of my time lying on the beach or by the hotel's pool, but was wondering what I could do if I get bored or if the weather isn't great. Are there any places of great interest, or any activities that would be good to do on my own? I like to be quite active, so if there are any hikes or horseback riding activities or that kind of thing, I'd really appreciate some details.


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    Golf is definitely right up there as a major drawcard for Bermuda but there are also lots of other things to do, from pottering around the quaint towns and enjoying the restaurants and beaches. Bermuda has some really excellent beaches although some of the best are private, belonging to clubs or hotels.

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