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Safety tips for cruise tours in Halong bay

edited July 2012 in India and Asia
Hi guys! After the sunk boat accident in Halong bay, safe travel to Halong is the best problems of tourists when visit here. And now i read some small tips and i want to share for all you guys about Halong bay tours

1. Ask the Tour seller: How old is this boat?

In Halong bay, about 20% boats are upgraded from old boats. Sometimes they could have boat balance problem. The owner often upgrades their boats to make sun- bathing to satisfy clients but they also ignores safety requiments. So you should ask a simple question to your tour seller that how old is this boat?

2. Does that boat has glass windows?

For your own safety, you should choose the boat which has glass windows. Because if the accident happen in the night, you will easily to break it and escape.

3. What size is the bathroom ?

All of travelers often forget about bathroom size. Imagine a man who weight more than 100 kg in a 2,5m2 bathroom. How can he feel comfortable in this? Old boats always have small bathroom. So you should take care of the bathroom size..

You could make many questions but with these 3 questions are enough to understand about that cruise’s quality.
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