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What are the best places to visit in Central America

Hi Friends,
My name is John Rica and i am planning to do some new stuff, like i am thinking to visit the places in central America and Costa Rica.
I am wanted to a lot of fun and adventure wanted to roam in the jungle and also wanted to do rafting in the river and also wanted to visit beaches. I have started all the preparation for this. I have gathered all the necessary things for this like Map of Central America Countries and guide books. Now i am needed your well wishes for this Because soon i am going to start my trip. If you guys wanted to give me any suggestion then please share with me.


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    Hi John

    I did a five-month trip from Guatemala to Costa Rica. Those two countries are the obvious highlights, but I also recommend Honduras (particularly the Caribbean coast), El Salvador (the people are great) and Nicaragua (once you get out of the capital).

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    Hi Mark !! Thank you for this.
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    Tikal, Guatemala,Lago de Atitl
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    Central America is really a beautiful place to visit of America. And I am damn sure you will love this place a lot. Here are few places I will recommend you to visit in Central America:

    Tikal, Guatemala
    Panama City
    Arenal Route, Costa Rica
    Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica
    Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
    Bay Islands, Honduras
    Lago de Atitl
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    Panama City,Arenal Route, Costa Rica,Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica,Le
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  • Thanks for your good and valuable advice mr. mark .
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    • Tikal
    • The Hummingbird Highway
    • Ruta de las Flores
    • Panama City
    The Central America is the very nice place for travel and enjoyment. These are best place in Central America. For Further information visit
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