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Northern lights on Baffin Island

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Does anyone have any suggestions for going about planning a holiday to Baffin Island, with the goal mainly of seeing the Northern Lights but also to enjoy the natural beauty of the island? I'd love to do some hiking/trekking, to see the sights, but mostly I would like to see the Northern Lights. I'd love some details on when is the best time to go too, to see the lights at their best. Thank you to anyone with any ideas in advance!


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    Baffin island is meant to be lovely, great walking and kayaking. It's also one of the best places to see the Northern lights. The sky needs to be clear and dark to be able to see the Northern lights and these conditions are best close to the equinox: early Spring (from March to April) and early Autumn (from September to October). The lights often appear in the evenings but visitors need to stay a week or more to be certain to see the lights - those going for shorter periods of time are often disappointed.

    Other popular locations to view the Northern Lights include Abisko in Northern Sweden, anbd Troms
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    Thanks for the tips Mathieu, very helpful! will also do some research into the other countries you've suggested.
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