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Cuba as a honeymoon destination

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I have heard mixed reports about Cuba, some friends absolutely loved it, while others didn't at all. Those who travelled independently and stayed in small hotels and took public transport seemed to love it (but they are very well-travelled travel enthusiasts) while the couple who hated it went on a package holiday and ended up in a soviet style hotel miles from anywhere interesting. What would you suggest for a honeymoon in Cuba - are there good all-inclusive hotels, or are there really good quality small independent hotels to stay in. Any suggestions - either to book independently or through a reliable specialist tour operator?


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    And further to the above, is it cheaper booking hotels in advance or booking them on the day (if they are available). Are hotels overbooked outside the busy Christmas/New Year season?
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    Impossible to answer your question accurately when you give no clue where you're flying from, but here's a few general thoughts...

    If you're picky about your all-inclusive resorts then with very few exceptions Cuba isn't for you - there are loads of other destinations that offer way better accommodation/food/service/etc.

    If you're a budget traveller looking for an all-inclusive resort holiday and you're departing from Canada then Cuba steps up as the "Wal-Mart of the Caribbean" offering excellent bang-for-the-buck.

    If you're an independent traveller with experience in developing countries and you're not on a super low budget then I can't imagine how you couldn't have a great time in Cuba.

    Like almost all destinations booking in advance is almost always cheaper than on the day.

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