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Train or bus from Minneapolis to Chicago?

edited July 2012 in - USA
What's the cheapest way to get from Minneapolis to Chicago? Flights are expensive. I'll be in Minnesota in late August for a few weeks, and want to spend a few days in Chicago, but not sure how to get there. I wouldn't mind seeing the countryside as well. Is there a bus or train like Amtrak? What's the best way to go?


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    Amtrak does have a route from Minneapolis to Union Station in Chicago. A round-trip ticket will set you back $180-200, and it's a pleasant way to travel. Buses are much cheaper though less comfortable, as you can get a fare as low as $40 from Greyhound by booking in advance on their website (it's about $100 if you buy your ticket at the station).
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    That sounds good
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    We may fly one way and take the train the other to Chicago from Minneapolis as my daughter would really like to try the train for our upcoming trip. We may take it both ways if the rates are less expensive. Right now flights and train are almost equal.
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    It is really expensive airfare in to chicago from Minneapolis.
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