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Restaurant near Washington Dulles airport

edited July 2012 in North America
I have a quick layover in Washington DC next month, and I'd really like to catch up with friends but I don't have much time. My flight gets in at 3pm and my connection leaves at 7pm, so can anyone suggest a restaurant or bar that's really close to the airport? Also, how do I get there? Is there a train or shuttle into Washington DC from the airport and how long does it take?


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    Hi J0ss,

    The metro doesn't go all the way to Dulles (though they say it will by 2014), however there is a bus to Washington DC from the airport roughly every half hour:

    It goes to a fairly random point in town (West Falls Church Station), but your friends may be able to suggest a good place nearby. The trip takes about 25 minutes.

    A round-trip ticket will cost $18, which is less than half the price of a taxi one-way.
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