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Multiple Passports

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Can anyone help me?

I have two passports and I'm entitled to a third. I am wondering if anyone knows about or has experience with the following example situation.

So for example, Brazil has a 90 day stay limit on a tourist visa. Could I enter on passport A, stay for 90 days then leave on the same passport before entering again on passport B and stay for a further 90. Then do the same again after the second 90 days etc.

Would this flag with the immigration officials?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Arcticyamhand!

    First, I would like to expand some details about Brazil tourist visa, well as as I know, which is extendable to maximum 6 months while inside the country after 90day stay. But then this also depends on your nationality.

    As to your concern of using another passport on your second arrival on the same country this is of course possible but then it depends on the country you previously visited. Like if you are allowed multiple entry within a year or be out of the country at a certain period although I personally believe that a country need tourists like you to increase their revenues.

    Laws varies country wise and nationality wise. Always check directly to the consular officers of your visiting country to avoid problems.
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