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Renting a cell phone in the USA

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I'm going to be in the US for a few weeks next month, and would like to have a cell phone while I'm there. I don't want to pay outrageous international roaming charges however, so is there any way of renting a prepaid cell phone in the US? It would be most convenient in Minneapolis, as that's where I'm starting and ending my trip.


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    Hi Leigh,

    There are services to hire phones in the US, but the expense is quite high in comparison to just going to a store like Walmart or Target and buying a cheap prepaid phone (some are as little as $18).
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    Instead of renting a phone there in USA,you can unlock your Current Phone and use it there.It is best to avoid roaming charges there.You can use unlock code to unlock it.You need to specify the mobile phone brand and model.If your phone is an old model phone of some brands you can visit sites to get the unlock code and unlock it .Here you can get free unlock code for DCT Nokia,Some SL3 nokia phones,Samsung,Alcatel phones etc.
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    In agreement with Anya,
    there are several options available to you, however, the least expensive and most hassle free option is to go to any large chain store and buy a "Track Phone". Most of them come with a card that has minutes on it, you "load" minutes from the card onto the phone and use it as you would any cell phone - if you run out of time just buy another card with minutes on it a repeat the process. Your phone comes with a number and you can use it anywhere in the US with no roaming charges. Certainly not the most "High-Tech" option but cheap and minimal fuss.

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