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Itinerary for travelling in Ethiopia and things to see

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Hello - I have always wanted to go to Ethiopia and am planning a trip for next year. Has anyone travelled there recently? I would like ideas for suggested itinerary and things to see in the country. Also, when is the best time to visit Ethiopia? M
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    Dear Mathieu, Greetings from Addis Ababa Ethiopia
    The best time to visit Ethiopia is during the earlier stages of its dry season, namely October to January. These months benefit from the pleasant weather and blooming landscape leftover from the prior rains, whilst also experiencing minimal rainfall and sufficient sunshine. In fact if one wishes to view the lovely bloom of the Meskel flowers around the region, it is recommended to visit during September to early October.

    Further, if visiting during these months, one may also witness the many festivals and events around the region, especially in the months of September and January, including Ethiopian New Year (September), Ethiopian epiphany (January) and Finding of the true Cross or Maskal (September). Owing to these favorable conditions, these months are regarded as the peak tourist season of Ethiopia.

    The remaining dry season of February to May, is also a good time to visit certain parts of Ethiopia. Though there is a short bout of light rainfall, during February to April, the region as a whole is still characterized by pleasant weather and is well conducive to tourism.

    The wet season of Ethiopia lasts from June to early September. These months tend to be avoided by most tourists, as the heavy rainfall, especially in the months of July and August, restrain movement and activity around the country. Regarding ideas and things to see are:-
    - Historical Attractions
    -Cultural Attractions
    -Natural attractions
    -Archeological attractions and special interest tours
    For more info please kindly visit our web site if any interest wecan send you the updated itinerary based on your preference.
    Kebede zewdie
    LINTOS tour operation director
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    Hi Mathieu,
    A good itinerary will depend on the number of days/nights you want to spend in Ethiopia, and how you plan to travel (by road or by air) while there. If by Air for example, your itinerary may look as below:

    Day 1:
    Arrival at Addis Ababa (Bole International Airport). Spend overnight.

    Day 2:
    Fly to Axum: Historic sight with several attractions, among them the tall granite obelisks. Overnight in Axum.

    Day 3:
    Drive to Tigray region to see the Yeha Temple, considered the oldest still erect construction in Ethiopia, built 2,500 years ago. Also visit the flat-topped mountain - Debre Damo with a 6th century monastery at its top. Overnight in Axum.

    Day 4:
    Fly to Lalibela: One of the holy cities in Ethiopia. Key highlight here - the monolithic churches. Overnight in Lalibela.

    Day 5:
    Fly to Gondar: Key highlights: The castles and ruins, plus other spectacular views

    Day 6:
    Fly to Bahar Dar: Key highlights: The 16th and 17th centuries Christian monasteries on Lake Tana’s 37 islands, to be visited by boat.

    Day 7:
    Visit Blue Nile Fall in Bahar Dar.

    Day 8: Fly back to Addis for your flight back.

    If you want to see the festivities Ethiopia is famous for, you will have to time your visit to coincide with the festivals dates (Timket - Around 19th January 2013, Meskal in September).

    Jenny Opondo - East Africa travel specialist at
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    Hi Mathieu,
    If you're still looking for ideas about what to see and do in Ethiopia have a glance at this concise Ethiopia Travel Guide which lists some of the top attractions. Kebede is absolutely right about the weather and when to visit: anytime from October to May is fine. Whatever you do don't miss out on Lalibela!
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    My name is Bereket Gebre and i am from travel specialists in Ethiopia in general
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    with regards
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    Hi Mathieu,
    Kebede is correct, depends with what you want to do or see in Ethiopia. If you want a history and wildlife, Northern Ethiopia will be a good choice, you visit Axum, Lalibela and semien Mountains. If you are keen on culture, southern Omo Valley will be a good option.The tribes there still live in their traditional ways, and are a good option to learn/experience culture. Below operator arranged a trip for some VIP guests who went for an 11 day trip last December and has been sending groups there and am sure will give you various options.
    Africa Calling Safaris . Web:
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    Hello Mathieu,

    Regarding 'ideas for suggested itinerary' please visit the different choices of itineraries from the below listed website:-

    Hospitality regards,
    Biniam T.
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    I'm also hoping to visit Ethiopia next year, so I'm grateful for the information provided. I'd also like to hear about safety issues, especially for Americans. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    The best time to visit Ethiopia is October to mid February, and then May to mid- June. The rainy periods are mid-February to April, and mid-June to September. A when to travel consideration other than weather is the Ethiopian holidays seasons. i.e. Ethiopian New Year, Meskal(the finding of the True Cross), Genna(Christmas), Timket (Epiphany), Easter and other Orthodox and Muslim religious festival seasons. For the detail please download our Annual Church Festivals and Muslim Pilgrimages page.

    Flight Booking Tips for International Air travelers to/From Ethiopia
    Dates when seat availability is limited for Travelers

    - Ethiopia to Europe and North America:
    Jan 1-15, Jun 25-30, Aug 15-31, Sep 1-15
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    Dear Mathieu,

    It is wise and worth to visit Ethiopia the unforeseen land and  the home of mosaic of people.

    Ethiopia boosts for having the three in one tourism commodities (Historic, Cultural and Nature) unlike most African countries. As the result of the location, demography, topography and way of life these attractions are located in different spots of the country. As Kebede said the weather is not favorable to travel through the Northern, central, eastern and Western part of Ethiopia. Unlike the rest the Southern part is dry during the rainy seasons. If you are more interested to visit to Denakil depression where you can visit one of the lowest part in the world and the Omo Valley in the Southern Ethiopia the best time will in between July and September.

    Our company Moses Covenant Tours will Organize fixed departure and tailor made programs to all parts of the country depend on the interest of our esteemed customers. if you have any idea about the duration ( length of stay) , Time and Interest we would be happy to provide the detail program through your e-mail address.
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    Best time to visit Ethiopia is after the rainy season (June, July & August) so better from September - May.
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    You can travel to Ethiopia all the year. Ethiopia is a 13 Months of Sunshine. For historical route of northern Ethiopia September - June and for cultural route of Omo Valley May - February.
  • Dear Mathieu
    Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. What are believed to be the oldest remains of a human ancestor ever found, which have been dated as being some five million years old, were discovered in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia. This beats the discovery of "Lucy", a 3.2 million year old skeleton, who was unearthed in the same area in 1974.
    What do you like to see? for how long ?
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    Good day

    We will be travelling through Addis Ababa by air, and will have a one day lay over in Addis Ababa. I would like to know what is there to do in the city as a tourist if you only have one whole day. We arrive early, at 06:00 am and depart late at 22:00 pm.

    Any ideas will be appreciated!
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    Why not check out the attractions page in the Word Travels free travel guide on Addis Ababa, it details the attractions available to you, their location and what each one is all about. You may just find something that interests you and something distance, and time, friendly.
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