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New Schengen visa is it required?

HI would somebody please help me? i am a UK citizen and my wife has a Thai passport with a UK marriage visa, recently we visited German and had to apply for a shengen visa, will i have to do the same for a 11 day holiday in spain? i am confused as i read that if the spouse has a valid EU visa then no?? however i don't think this is correct? please also if i have to apply how long does it take normally, as i need to book some flights and a hotel, but i don't want to do this until the visa is confirmed, but on the visa application form it does ask the reason for the visit and where will you stay? how can i give this if i have not made any booking, thanks and any reply will be a big help and thanks for your your time..Matt.


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    Hi Matty,

    If your wife's German visa is still valid, then she won't need to apply for another one. However if it is expired, she'll need to apply for a new schengen visa at the Spanish Embassy.
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    Thanks Anya

    question please, we have already visited Germany a few months ago and the visa has now expired, however when i made the visa it was very easy to make and i sent all the docs by post and were returned by post, now the Spanish visa is much harder to make, i have to visit the embassy and submit the papers etc, and the first appointment is 28th August..:( but we want the holiday to Spain on the 9th of September, my question is this, can i make another visa for Germany but use it for Spain instead, so for example i get another letter of invite from family in Germany get the visa and go to Spain, with that visa is that allowed? or would i have to go to Germany First.

    Thanks for this its a very big help..

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    If you apply for another German visa, you will need to visit Germany before going to Spain, or show onward tickets to Germany. Unfortunately each embassy has its own requirements, and some are easier to get than others.
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