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Is Pretoria a Safe Place

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Hi All,

This forum is wonderful for some one like me, net savy for most of the information. I need your sincere help, I am been offered a good job in Pretoria. I am currently based in dubai. And would like to know how safe is pretoria in South Africa to move with family (housewife and 3 years old daughter).

My concern are safety, lifestyle and cost of living. Most important being safety as I have heard it is not as safe as Dubai or Singapore. One can not walk around the city and needs to be careful in Night time?

Can some one provide quick valid information for me to decide if I should take up the job offer..

thank you very much. Please let me know if you need any information about Dubai ?


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    Hi Amit,

    Safety is a big concern in South Africa, but I would never tell someone to turn down a good job for that reason, as there are reasonable steps that can be taken to minimise risk. Johannesburg is often cited as a dangerous city, but Pretoria is much less scary, though it is only an hour away.

    Here's a good guide to safety in South Africa, along with other expat info if you're considering moving there.
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    Hi there - I don't live in Pretoria but my mom has for a while now, and has never had any safety issues while living there. However, she does take precautions such as putting her handbag out of sight when driving and, as you mentioned, not walking around in quiet and/or dark areas at night. I think as long as you are aware and sensible it's reasonably safe. It's definitely not as safe as Singapore or Dubai, but I'd say safer than Johannesburg.

    As far as I know, the people are very friendly although it's not a very vibey city. Not sure about the cost of living, though.
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    Hi Anya thank you very much for your reply. I know it will not be good to turn down any good offer. But I am more concern about the safety and independent life for my wife and daughter, as there is no point of earning little higher salary by imposing some restriction on family. Hence I want to know what exactly is the safety concern? Is the place not safe for myself, wife or daughter to go and live independent life and enjoy outdoor activities without any restrictions like we do in Dubai or Singapore?

    Again really thanks for your comment and information. I will be happy if you can provide some information.
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    Hi Emmac,

    Thanks for the information, but i dont want to compare pretoria with joburg or any place where i never lived. As i have decide if It will be good for me to move to pretoria from Dubai after considering the saving that i will make, standard of living i will get, quality of life and safety that I will get.

    Can you share your thought on same. I am also available on [email protected]
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    Hi Amit,

    A few points on safety in South Africa in general:

    -Most people have security systems and high walls around their homes. Housebreaking is a common problem, but many people, myself included, have never had a problem. You and your family will not be a prisoner in your own home.
    -Walking around at night is not considered safe, however it does depend on the neighbourhood. The geography of most cities will require a car in any case.
    -There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, and Pretoria has some lovely parks and botanical gardens. (Look through this Pretoria travel guide for some info on what to see and do there.)
    -Your wife and daughter will be able to do things on their own without hassle. The most common precautions include keeping handbags and cell phones out of sight while driving, and not displaying phones or flashy jewellery while walking around.

    Speaking as an American expat in South Africa, I've found that you do need to be more aware of your surroundings than in 'safer' cities like Dubai or Singapore (or where I'm from), but I've totally fallen in love with South Africa and couldn't see myself living anywhere else!

    Hope that's helpful, good luck in your decision!

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    Hi Anya,

    thank you very very much for sharring this information. I am really gald that I found this page on net. Thank you again..
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    i think its not risky place i was stay once when i was 25 .i don't think so
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    Really Helpful.. Thanks once again to all....
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    There was one more comment here from someone, dont remember the name.. If you can read this, Plz keep your post it was very informative, i think you deleted the same..
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    Hi Amit,

    What did you decide to do?
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    Hey Anya,

    Good to see you, Unfortunately or Fortunately I decided to Opt our from the offer. As I love to live life like here in Singapore or Dubai. Free to move anywhere anytime....
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