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Kids in Beijing

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I'm travelling to Beijing with quite a large group, including children. Does anyone have advice on activities for kids in Beijing? We're worried that the sightseeing may be just a little boring for them so we want to work in some fun stuff for them. I hear the Aquarium is worth a visit?


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    wren - it is not always a case of where you go as what you plan to do when you get there. A visit to the Temple of Heaven might not suit all ages equally but if you end up in the park outside with some kites or other activity then the time should be memorable for everyone.

    Consider a rickshaw ride through the hutongs (traditional alleyway areas of courtyard houses - possibly including lunch with a family), the Ancient Observatory and the Natural History Museum for dinosaurs. Also think about visiting the Beijing Olympic sites (Bird's Nest and Water-cube) and perhaps have one dinner up in the CCTV Tower (not the CCTV Building).
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    Hi Wren - Beijing is a wonderful city to find yourself in if you're travelling with children because there are so many attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The Beijing Aquarium is indeed wonderful and there are many other places, like Happy Valley Amusement Park and Sony Explorascience which are tailored to fun for the whole family. There are also many parks and gardens for outdoor activities like wall climbing (try Chaoyang Park for lots of exciting stuff).
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    Hey guys, check out this list of the best kids attractions in Beijing, there's really a lot for families to see and do there!
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    Kite flying is one of the most favorite activities for kids, your kids will have great fun kite flying with local kids.
    We did it early this year in winter with my kids. The activity is not as popular as when in autumn or spring. But our local travel agency was very accommodating. If you need any information, you can ask for advice from lilian of I am not sure if lilian is still working there. She offered me several authentic and seems interesting activities to consider it over at that time. Good Luck!
  • There are many kids fun place in Beijing which are very impressive for children like Beijing World Park.I visited it in 2010 with may family.My kids have a great fun out there.They enjoyed too much and want to visit once again in their holidays.My families come to this park for children amusement.I like it also.
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