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Vietnam Visa Information and Guidance

1. Vietnam Visa Information
Foreign citizens of Vietnam visa exemption include:
Citizens of countries that sign bilateral agreement on visa exemption with Vietnam such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos; French citizens who have diplomatic passports, Chilean citizens who have diplomatic, and official passports can enter Vietnam without Vietnam Visas.
Unilateral Vietnam Visa Exemption: four Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), Japan and Korea. (Particularly, Japanese visa is exempted for Vietnam citizens with diplomatic and official passport).
Vietnam visa application can be more convenient if tourists travel through an international travel company in Vietnam. The information which tourists need to provide travel companies include: full name, date and place of birth, nationality, position, number of passport; date of arrival and departure; where to get Vietnam Visa.
For Vietnamese overseas, some additional information are required: year and reason for leaving Vietnam and means to leave Vietnam, names and addresses of relatives in Vietnam, relations with relatives in Vietnam.
2. Vietnam Visa Guidance
Authorities to issue Vietnam Visa
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Department) have ability to grant, amend, extend Vietnam visas for foreigners who have privileges of diplomatic and consular authorization; to permit foreign guests to enter Vietnam at the invitation of the Vietnamese Party, National Assembly, State President, Government and guests of equivalent level of ministers, vice ministers, presidents and vice presidents of provincial cities under central authority.
Ministry of Public Security (Vietnam Immigration Department) can grant, amend, supplement and reject Vietnam visa and can permit for others with invitation and reception of agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam.
The diplomatic missions, consular offices, agencies are authorized to perform consular functions of Vietnam in foreign countries.
Forms and types of Vietnam Visa:
Vietnam visa can be glued onto your passport (visa stamp) or be accompanied separately you’re your passport.
There are two types of Vietnam Visa: single and multiple Vietnam Visa, validity not exceeding 12 months. Single entry visas to Vietnam are valid for one entry and exit; multiple visas to Vietnam are valid for several times entry and exit within your Vietnam visa validity.
Vietnam Visa Procedure:
Fill out the Vietnam Visa Application Form Online
Pay Service Fees
Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival
Bring Vietnam Visa Approval Letter to Vietnam int’l airport with your origin passport
Fill out “ Application for Entry and Exit Vietnam” form (please, fill two form attaching two latest photos, in 4x6 cm size, with a face straight forward, submit one form to Vietnam Visa issuing office, or consulate, and the other to frontier police post upon your arrival. The accompanying children under 14 years old may be included in this your form, with two photos.)
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