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Walk of Faith

edited August 2012 in - China
I recently saw the coolest photos of a glass walkway up a mountain in China. It looks like a really fun tourist activity - a little off the beaten track - but I'm struggling to find details on exactly where it is and what else is in the area. It's called the Walk of Faith and apparently its on Tianmen Mountain. Anybody know any details? Or have any other suggestions for things to see and do in the area?


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    The Walk of Faith is amazing, if you are brave enough to do it! Tianmen Mountain Park was one of the highlights of our trip to China. It is the main tourist attraction (I think) of Hunan Province, and is located very near Zhangjiajie city - so close that you can take a ride on the world's longest cableway from the city to the summit of the mountain. There is lots to do on the mountain: Tianmen Cave is otherworldly and really does look like a doorway into another universe, and there are interesting temples and astounding views all over. You'll need a full day to explore. Guilin, a very picturesque and tourist-friendly city, is about 4 hours drive away. Loads to do there.
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    Zhangjiajie is not the easiest place to include in an itinerary. You may have to look at options through the provincial capital Changsha.

    Once there you have plenty to see and do; 3-4 days worth of exploring the mountains and Golden Whip Stream for a start.

    If you like unusual sites then you might like to check out the Hakka Tulou in Fujian.
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