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Italian Visa Question

edited August 2012 in Visa and Passport
I received an Italian Visa with multiple entries (Shengen Visa) for up to 90 days. I wasn't able to travel on the date they issued the Visa for based on the flight information and dates I provided. The Visa is still valid and I now want to travel to Europe and use it before it expires. I received the Visa at the Los Angeles consulate who has told me that I can't use the Visa as I am no longer traveling with the original dates I gave even though the Visa is still valid. I find this hard to believe or understand as the Visa is still valid for the period. The consulate in Detroit said it would be ok. I am now confused as to whether I can use it to travel - PLEASE HELP!


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    How confusing that the two consulates are giving you contradictory advice! Perhaps you should speak to the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, and explain to them your predicament. They should be able to tell you definitively.
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