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cruise to Mediterranean

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Cruising Mediterranean: Venice/Rome/Florence Italy, Athens/Mykonos Greece, Ephesus/Istabul Turkey, Provence France and Barcelona Spain.
Holding a current/valid Philippine passport, holding a US immigrant green card.
During the cruise dates, departing from Manila, Philippines and returning to Manila, Philippines. Flight is via Amsterdam (layover of five hours, no intention to go out the airport.)
Please clarify if I need to get visa for any of these countries including Amsterdam?
Your reply is appreciated.


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    You will need a Schengen visa, which covers Italy, Greece, France and Spain. Accepted practise is to apply for the visa at the embassy of the country you will visit first. I believe you will a separate visa for Turkey, which is not part of the Schengen agreement.

    You will not need a visa for the Netherlands if you do not plan to leave the airport, however should you change your mind and decide to take a quick tour of Amsterdam, your Schengen visa will also cover you there.
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    Thank you Anya..... Will check where to get Schengen visa and Turkey.
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