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Health in China

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Hi - I will be travelling to China soon and just wanted to see if anybody has useful tips about travel health in China, or advice about what illnesses are common for visitors to China?


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    Hi Sally,
    Medical facilities are generally good in Chinese cities but medical attention can be hard to come by in rural areas - it is definitely best to have comprehensive travel insurance. Seek advice about malaria medication before visiting China as the disease is common in low-lying areas of the country. There are also a few vaccinations to get just for peace of mind. For a more comprehensive list of things to watch out for in China check out this guide to travel health in China.
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    The most common ailments for travellers are respiratory - common colds, flu and other breathing disorders brought on by pollution in the cities and exposure to (lots of) new germs in crowded places. It is difficult to avoid these so be prepared to treat the symptoms. Some people take masks to prevent the inhalation of germs but I suspect these are not useful.

    As with any other travel where you cannot be sure of finding a hygienic tap at the appropriate time, take anti-bacterial gel to clean hands after toilet and before eating.
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