visitors visa to Azebaijan

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difficulty in obtaining Azerbaijan visa information


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    how do I go about obtaining a 12 month multiple entry visa for my partner to visit Azerbaijan and stay with me there.
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    Hi Gorslas,

    It's very difficult to say without know what country your partner is from, but your best bet is to contact the nearest embassy in that country.
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    hi my partner is from Nigeria,I am from the UK, although we are moving to Ghana, I work in Baku and she travels with me. she cannot get a visa to travel to the UK and has to apply for her visa at Abu Dhabi or Dubai as there are no Azeri Embassies in West Africa. we cannot get a clear answer from the various authorities or from the travel agencies out here in Baku who have to do the paperwork for a letter of introduction so she can apply fora visa. it is ecxpensive at 800 Manat(about 650 pounds sterling) every 3 months, plus the visa fee of 150 dollars and the 200 dollars for the police registration card which she has to obtain to stay legal. It is a real quagmire cloaked in viels of secrecy the length of visa is that we can apply for.
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