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visitors visa to Azebaijan

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difficulty in obtaining Azerbaijan visa information


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    how do I go about obtaining a 12 month multiple entry visa for my partner to visit Azerbaijan and stay with me there.
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    Hi Gorslas,

    It's very difficult to say without know what country your partner is from, but your best bet is to contact the nearest embassy in that country.
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    hi my partner is from Nigeria,I am from the UK, although we are moving to Ghana, I work in Baku and she travels with me. she cannot get a visa to travel to the UK and has to apply for her visa at Abu Dhabi or Dubai as there are no Azeri Embassies in West Africa. we cannot get a clear answer from the various authorities or from the travel agencies out here in Baku who have to do the paperwork for a letter of introduction so she can apply fora visa. it is ecxpensive at 800 Manat(about 650 pounds sterling) every 3 months, plus the visa fee of 150 dollars and the 200 dollars for the police registration card which she has to obtain to stay legal. It is a real quagmire cloaked in viels of secrecy the length of visa is that we can apply for.
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    Hi all,
    not really sure whether this would be a timely post but still the information might be useful for later visitors to this page. Azerbaijan is indeed having a tight visa regime and the country has a complicated visa procedures. Though couple of years ago they introduced evisa that made the things easier. Now, people can apply through the local travel agents and get Azeri visa online, they say the process takes 2 weeks and the costs is around 100$ for a single entry 30 days visa. It is still might be a problem for African nationals to apply as most agencies refuse to work with customers from there as they get penalised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So evisa would most likely suit Western nationals. There is a good page detailing the whole process of applying for evisa to Azerbaijan, worth checking for the latests updates.
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