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nepal trekking

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hello all!
hope you are all well, I am hoping to find compadres for a wee three week trek in the hills of anapourna sometime in early september. At the moment it is just me! I have a guide organised so any guides need not reply to this message thankyou! Hoping to get a bunch of fun loving folk together who are moderately fit and who are very happy! please message me back if you are interested, thanks for reading, conor


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    you have great plan.September is still raining season in Nepal but sometime it will be change very quick.
    Anyway, I am Also going to Annapurna Trekking for 6 days with one friend who is coming from USA.Actually i am guide we are doing trek together may be we have fun when we meet in trekking.
    Hari Nepal (Nepal Hiking Guide)
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    Of course I agree with Hari that September is a raining season but I think it is the end of the season and weather is pretty good for visiting there in September, because last year I was there with my partner in September and it was a good time.
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    Early September is still monsoon and it can last later into the month so getting good clear views of the mountains is not guaranteed. The Pokars area does get more rain than the Kathmandu valley but whether that means a better chance of clear periods I'm not sure.
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