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Suggestions what to see in Budapest?

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I'm going to Budapest soon, and I want to have a plan what to see there. Can somebody help who has been there already? I'm staying only a few days so I want to see the most beatiful parts only. Also would be good if you could tell me some good places to go, like bars and restaurants!



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    Hi Markos,

    I was in Budapest last summer with my family for 2 nights while traveling across Europe. If you have only a few days I would catch oen of the "Hoppa" Buses and do the city/river tour. This will take the entire day and you will see most of the sites. You can "hop on / hop off" the bus at any stop you want. There are at least two bus companies that offer this tour. We started at around 9 am and finished at 7 pm with the river tour. There is also a large market in the city centre that is interesting, I cannot remember the name. We were driving so we found the same products on the outskirts of Budapest. We stayed in the very centre of Budpest in an apartment. The building was called Gozsdu court. The apartments were new and a few things had to be finished but they were very nice. I think that the rate was only €70 per night for a 2 bedroom last year. There are many restaurants and bars in the city centre and we found that the food was good and reasonably priced.
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    Hi Markos,
    Try this compact guide to attractions in Budapest. Hopefully it'll give you some inspiration.
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