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Life in Turkey

edited August 2012 in Europe
I may be placed at Turkey for official work. I am an Indian passport holder. Need following information.

How is day to day life at Turkey? Is it safe for spouse and kid?
How is pre-school, montesory school facilities there? My daughter is aged about 2years and I she will require a school admission soon.
Is the turkish culture very conservative? i.e. will there be any restriction for women (as it is there in many middle east nation)?



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    Hi there,

    Our sister site has an excellent guide for anyone moving to Turkey, with information on schools, safety, and culture shock. I'm sure you'll find it helpful!
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    Turkey is a great place to live. Would you specify which city you might be posted at? If it is any of the major cities you'd be quite better off than India.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    @Jenny: I may be placed in a major city. But will I get any play school there to admit my 2 yr kid? From which month the session will start any idea? Will they teach in English? I want to put her in a group so that she can atleast get some friends there.
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    Mostly the classes start in fall and would have been started till now. And yes they teach English is many of the good schools.
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    I am back again with some queries :)

    I would be visiting Ankara in 1st/2nd Week of March and may be stay there for 3/4 months.

    Query 1: Is any service apartment/flat available on rent? We would be around 4/5 people so either 2BHK or 3BHK flat is sufficient for us. Kindly let me know cost of that.

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    Can any one please help me about following?

    Is any liquid medicine like caugh syrup, nasal drop etc. allowed in Turkey? I have frequent problem of throat irritation and closed nose. So if these medicines are supported with proper prescription from Indian doctor, is it allowed?

    Is common medicine for fever, headache etc. available in shops against prescriptions made in India? (I doubt that will not be allowed, but still want to confirm)

    What is easiest way to travel to Ankara from Istanbul?

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