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Weather in Salou in May or June, and other questions...

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My 2 oap parents and young daughter are traveling to Salou in May or June this year. What is the weather like? Also is salou flat or hilly. Due to mobility problems we need a central location, family friendly, quiet hotel and suggestions. What are the best places to visit near Salou? Any other advice please pass on. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank-You


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    Salou is a great family destination. It is not particularly hilly so should not present mobility problems. There are plenty of restaurants and bars (not too noisy- but you will soon determine quiet areas) and a nice park in the town centre. There are often artists outside drawing and painting.
    and a small craft market to wander in the early evening.
    Visit the port aventura theme park for a good day out. The dragon khan is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. It is also possible to make a day trip to Barcelona from salou. Add to this blue flag beaches, aquaparks and good standard accommodation and you have a nice family destination. Temp is usually around 18-20c in may. Hope this helps.! The weather in Salou in May and June should be wonderful - see: Salou weather and Climate
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    I'm travelling to Salou in July with my family, can anyone tell me the best way to arrange a trip into Barcelona, also the trip is to include the Neu Camp? (hope this spelling is right). Also has anyone any comments good or bad about the Village Park holiday apartments? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
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    hi im going on hols to salou next week (may and june) im staying in los peces.i've heard good and bad comments im just wondering is it nice? thanks
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    For feedback on Salou and information on people's experiences there, visit Quite a diversity of opinion!

    When you come back from your trip please add your own comments!
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    Hi All,

    I am thinking of booking salou as my summer holiday this year, i am looking for an all inclusive hotel which is clean and has good enterainment for kids as my daughter will be 2 any recommendations

    Thanks in Advance :)
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    the calypso hotel is a brilliant family hotel from the entertainment to the food we have been has afamily loads of times and never had any complaints try the victoria pub for big money bingo kids welcome till about 12 o clock
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    been to salou many times n its a lovely place for all ages started going wen kids were young n they r grown up now n still love it. the aquapark is a must especially for children but get there early if u want somewhere in the shade.portaventura is great to but wud recommend a one day ticket unless u enjoy rides there isnt enough time in a day really but u do end up queing for most of it, if poss go on a weekend n stay till the end they have the most amazing fireworks display n even though it on very late its well worth it.i doubt you will find fault with anywhere u go in salou there are some hilly parts further out of salou but in general pretty flat. if you get the chance go into cambrills theres a pub called the queens there food is spot on. hope this is useful enjoy ur hols
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    We have been visiting Salou for the last few years during the early summer. The sun can be very strong in August and early September, so we try to be there during end of May or early June. You can still have bright weather. In case you are planning to visit Salou some other time, you as well like to look into this page, in salou.html they give month by month details of weather and sun shine.
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    The weather in Salou is almost the same as in Barcelona. In this period it is already warm, you can go to the beach (although the water can be still cold). It depends on the year, but usually there are bout 25 degrees and sun. Nice temperature to enjoy the Spanish culture

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