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Los Angeles trip!

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Hi, I'm 15. Me and my friend are planning a 3 month trip to Los Angeles when we leave college we will be 18 but we need advice on whether we need a visa? and cost.
We need to know how much money we will need to save for the flights? We need to know how much accommodation is? We need to know how much travel is? How much will we need for things like shopping, theme parks and a Lakers game? we also need to know how much we need for food? Also any advice on were to go will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance


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    Hi there,
    Where are you and your friend from? To help with visa and flight advice we will need to know where you will be departing from and what passport you hold.
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    Our preferred factor to do at a Los Angeles seaside is a stroll or a run, especially in the vibrant Southern Bay seaside areas - Redondo, Hermosa and New york Beach. We always discover many other effective people out and about - and a lot of excellent seaside houses to covet. It is a exclusive aspect of the Los Angeles way of life.
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    Great!! please share your experience when you done with your trip. I am sure that it would be a rocking trip.
  • we are from the UK
  • Hi again,
    Have a look at this outline of Visa requirements for the USA. Also, the Word Travels Los Angeles travel guide should give you some ideas for your trip!
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    you can search on internet or contact with the travel agent to get the best deal to Los angles from UK.
  • Yeah its a very lovely place to travel.I like it so much.There are many attractions in Los Angeles like Universal Studio Hollywood,Hollywood sign,Disney land and many more which are of great interest and have a great fun out there.I visited it about two years ago with my friends.
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    Yes; you are right Jerry! Los Angeles is really
    a beautiful city in California and offers a wide variety of historical,
    cultural and natural attractions to its visitors. No doubt Universal Studio
    Hollywood, the Hollywood sign and Disney land are amazing places to visit there
    but The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Griffith
    Park, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and and The California
    Science Center are also outstanding attractions there.

    For more intormation
    about Los Angeles tourism visit these links:

  • I agree Niky! Los Angeles is a fantastic city with an enormous variety of entertainment, arts and culture. So the Griffith Park is one of the most famous attractions of Los Angeles. I visited this park before long time with my family. There are lots of attractions, great picnic spots, hiking trails with wonderful views of Los Angeles. I really enjoy golf, Soccer and baseball during stay there. Enjoy the history of the west at the Autry. Visit the animals at the zoo. 

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    I like your views Elliotg! Here I
    want to know; have you ever chanced to visit Hollywood sign, Disney land and
    The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. If yes then let me know about
    your experience at the Natural History Museum.

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