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I am Australian and my wife is Thai. I realise that we need a visa to enter France, however is this the case for day trip or maybe an overnight trip, can the visa be organised at the border, and how much please, if cannot be done at border where is it done and how long does it take? Thanks


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    Christo - as an Australian passport holder you may obtain your visa at the border, airport etc. It doesn't cost anything. However, if your wife is not an Australian passport holder she will need to apply prior to entering France. I think this will apply no matter how long you go for.
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    Hi..i am indian and i need to extend my stay period in paris as i have got only 30 days stay and i am looking for french embassy in paris. can any1 help me to get the address for french embassy in paris.
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    What is the fastest way to get a visa to visit France for six weeks...I am an American citizen...Thanks...RB

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