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Travel In East Turkey

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Greetings from the UK,

I will be in Ezerum in September and I need to travel to Van. Is there a bus please ? Also, what currency is best ; Euros or Turkish Lira or Sterling ? Any help much appreciated.



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    Hi Martin

    There are bus services from Erzurum Otogar to Van. At the moment the agent ? uaually use seems to be having website problems typically!

    Turkish Lira will be your best currency but usually the exchange rate is better here in Turkey so my suggestion is to bring enough Lira with you for the first day or so then exchange GBP. The Post Office usually offers a very good rte of exchange - look out for yellow and vlue P.T.T. signs. Banks usually make a small commission charge. Exchange offices also offer good deals.
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    Thank-you Clarecg. Do you know how much the bus will cost and how long it takes ?

    I will bring mostly GBP and some Euros + a few Turkish Lira for bus fares and taxis etc. Is there anthing I should see in Erzurum or Van when I'm there ?

    Best Wishes, Martin
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    Metro bus company runs a service from Erzurum to Van. Expect to pay around 30-50 lira for a one way ticket. I did a quick check for you at Looking at the timings around 6 hours journey time. If you go to the main Otogar in Erzurum there will be various offices selling bus tickets - check them out to get a time that suits you.

    Link for Metro site:

    Sorry not within my experience (yet) that area of Turkey.

    If you change money at somewhere other than a bank or the post office exchange a nice round amount to make calculations easier for you e.g. 100GBP. Check the money is right before you walk away from the counter then it is easier to query any discrepancies!!!
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