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Malaria in Turkey

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Is there a risk of malaria around Side Turkey in September?


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    Hello Peddy,
    I have travelled in and around Turkey at least 20x and have never used Malaria tablets and never got Malaria, so I would say no you do not have a risk of Malaria. Depending where you are from you might want to check with your local travel clinic for their advise in case situations have changed.
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    I have not heard of Malaria in Turkey. The most you can get is possibly diarrhea if you choose to eat from street vendors.
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    and even diarrhea is unlikely!! The most you'll get is a bite but there are excellent repellents available in Turkey and the cream for bites from the chemist (Eczane) is brilliant, far better than any you take with you.
    Actually the local governments in the Antalya area spray the streets regularly with a mossie killer so there are less and less of the little blighters :o)
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