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Few Questions About Future Career In South Africa...

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Hello... My name is Aldie. I actually live in George, Western Cape, and I plan to study tourism at a college in this town. I am migrating to South Africa; from Indonesia. My question is... How is the tourism industry grows in South Africa? Will I get much salaries / income in the tourism industry after I finished my course from the college? Because from what I know tourism is one of the major work opportunities here in South frica... And I have read somewhere from the net about the "median/average" salary, but it was just telling about the average/median salary, not the exact salary that I could get when I work... Please also tell me which job in tourism that gain the most income. I am asking this because I would like to have my own income someday and not to depend on my parents anymore.

Second question... Can I work somewhere at some places while the study permit is still on process? And Can I get work permit directly in South Africa when I don't have any qualification on that job? Because I actually have taken a graphic design degree in Indonesia, but would like to try something else... And I actually think that it will waste my time if I have to do college, and if I could I would directly look for a job first, to have my own income...

Please answer my questions...



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    Hi Aldie,
    The tourism industry is healthy and growing in South Africa. George is on the Garden Route - a beautiful part of the South African coastline - so a fair few tourists pass through that city. And you are only five hours drive from Cape Town, which is a tourist hub. Jobs in tourism vary greatly, however, and your income would depend on what position within the industry you take and how well you perform your job. If you are educated, competent and capable you can definitely make a living in the tourism industry in South Africa.
    As for the question about whether you can work while on a student visa I would suggest checking directly with the South African embassy.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks Ella for the reply... Btw, I still want to ask: how much is the salary of the tourism industry job for the entry level? Because I will soon going to work on the tourism job, after I finished / graduate my tourism college... Can someone please also answer my question?
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