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Permanent residence / Working in Netherlands...

Hello... My name is Aldie.
I currently live and stay in South Africa... I actually plan to work in Netherlands after I took a short course based on tourism here in south africa... My question is, will Netherlands company accept the tourism certificate from south african college if I applied a job to some tourism companies in Netherlands?

My second question is... How to get permanent residency in Netherlands? Will I get a permanent residence if I meet the qualification that is needed in the Netherlands companies? What are the requirements to get the permanent residence in Netherlands?

And how to process / arrange the permanent residence? Do I have to contact immigration lawyer to process? Should I contact the immigration lawyers in South africa that can process the Netherlands permanent residence / visa?

Thank you,



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    Hi again, Aldie,

    I recommend that you contact the college where you are studying tourism directly and ask them if the course will be recognised internationally. Some are, some aren't.

    As for your questions about the Netherlands, hopefully this Netherlands Expat Guide will help with some of the basics of moving to and working in the Netherlands.
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    Dear Ismaldie,

    First off working in the Netherlands without applying for residenceship is possible but you should remember that there's a different rule on those visa's. They are called "kennismigrant" knowledge migrant.
    However, Dutch universities are very keen on foreign students and they have special programs for them.
    The best thing you can do to get a permanent visa is to marry a Dutch or to find an employer that really wants you and wants to enter a time consuming proces.

    Best of luck
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