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My daughter (17) has been invited to travel to the Philippines for a Dance Xchange and I have a few questions if anyone can answer them.
My daughter has a severe nut allergy whcih I am sure you will all be aware that digestion can result in anaphylactic shock.
Are nuts used commonly in foods there? Are foods laballed accordingly? And is English widely spoken?
Any other tips would be grateful also.


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    English is widely used an one of the official language. Are you referring to coconuts or peanuts? Since there are lot of type of nuts, foods are labeled with the packages, but if you are eating or dining in the restaurant tell them about your apprehension about the nut allergy of your kid, be open with your worries, Filipinos are known to be ready to help specially like you visitor, Enjoy your trip!
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  • Hey guys, If you want to visit Philippines, I would suggest you try Boracay Island. Clear blue water and a lot of island activities.
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