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Explorings Australia

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Hi all

I m planning to travel to Australia in upcoming vacations but my knowledge is zero about Australia. I have read many articles on the web but still not able to get the exact idea. So guys plz help me out and tell me what are the main attractions of Australia, What are the places that one can explore.Waiting eagerly for your replies.


  • Hi there,
    Check out the Word Travels Australia Travel Guide. It's comprehensive, covering attractions for most cities, and should give you some inspiration for your trip. There is lots to do!
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    Hey Johnson thanks for the information you provided. Its very worthy. Can you plz tell me the budget for Australia?
  • Hi again, travel budgets vary hugely depending on where exactly you're going, what you want to see and do, and what kind of accommodation you want. A reliable travel website lists the average travel budget for a day in Australia as AU$178.95. That figure includes accommodation, entertainment, transport, meals and drinks. I'm sure you could cut costs in most of those categories if you wanted a budget holiday though.
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    Helo Ella.

    I saw many sites offering different travel budgets. Initially I want to know which is the most beautiful city in Australia which can be explored in 10 days.As my trip will be of 7 - 10 days.Thanks a lot for the above information and I will be greatful if you will provide me the further information.
  • Sydney is one of the world's most popular cities and it has a lot to offer visitors, whatever your tastes are. You'll find beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants and shopping etc. There are also good wildlife parks if you want to meet the local animals. If its your first time in Australia Sydney is the perfect starting point. With that time frame though, I wouldn't recommend staying in the city the whole time. Why not embark up the Gold Coast to Queensland from Sydney and explore some of the beautiful coastline?
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    Hey Ella

    Thanks dear for your suggestion. Yes, It will be my first trip to Australia. I haven't heard much about Gold coast. Will it be possible that I can explore Sydney along with any other places in 7 days.
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    if you want to visit australia for the vacation then it will fine to visit the details in the tourism australia websit...they will give you exact idea for the ame
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    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane (, Great barrier reef these are some of the places you shouldn't miss in Australia.
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