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Meeting People In Phnom Penh

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I can't seem to find too much on the the topic of Cambodia, so I thought I'd write about how great my experience meeting people in Phnom Penh has been. I came to Cambodia about 18 months ago, and I've been lucky enough to make countless friends. From the travel perspective Phnom Penh the country's capital is just a stop on a busy itinerary, usually skipped for Siem Reap or a foreign city, depriving yourself of a stop in Phnom Penh is likely to deprive you of the fullest Cambodia Experience. I've never have had such an easy time in my life meeting strangers or networking like I have in Phnom Penh, I began hanging out in places that were frequented by the tourists, locals, and expats and the environment made me open up. There are organizations and events in the city that make it easy to meet people either as an expat, a tourist, a flash-packer or a backpacker. As an expat in the city I have met thousands of travelers simply from hanging out in the local bars or guesthouses (check out Blue Dog, Love bar, White Rabbit, Zeppelin, and Score Bar) that cater to the young adult scene, and having the courage to say hello to people. I became a regular at Top Banana because I couldn't even sit in there quietly without a stranger asking me if I wanted to join their group. These places are best for the Backpackers, who are on the biggest budget, and are most interested in a party scene. For the flash-packers or well to do backpackers you can check out Mad Monkey or white rabbit, which have a habit of forming groups of friends out of their guests. If you are wealthier, more mature or are just less interested in the wild parties you still got tons of options around the city to meet new people. The Meta house does art and film events which can be a great way to meet other travelers. Also there is a regular crowd of friendly expats and ever changing guests that over at Aussie XL and staying at One Up, that routinely go golfing, or host a rugby team. For the expats and locals, there are events like the monthly "NERD" night hosted at a different venue in the city each month. I've been fairly narrow in my suggestions mostly focusing around street 51 where I have been residing, so if you have any other ideas or places to meet people I'd love to hear them or give them a shot!


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